An Old Time Classics Brought Back: Star Trek (2009)

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An Old Time Classics Brought Back: Star Trek (2009)

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We’ve seen the best from Star Trek since its release in 1966. Star Trek veterans had the opportunity to see their favorite TV series reborn as modern day films in the present. We were there for the original series and for the following generation of films, but it seems like Star Trek has also gained a reputation between new audiences with the modern remakes. Today we’ll have a look at the film that introduced new audiences and that brought veterans back to the screen, Star Trek (2009). This introductory film puts us up to date with some of the occurrences from the original series, but this time we’ll also be exploring new horizons.

With the 2009 film featuring a fresh and younger cast, new audiences joined the Star Trek world followed by the 2009 film Into Darkness and 2016 film Beyond. Veteran Trekkers got their promised dose of nostalgia and some things we hadn’t seen before.Star Trek (2009) is the first film of the modern sequels, directed & produced by J.J. Abrams and featuring the new faces of John Cho, Ben Cross, and Chris Pine amongst others.

star trek 2009 movie wallpaper


During the 23rd century, an unknown storm is formed in spotted in space. The Federation´s USSKelvin is sent for inspection, when the Romulan spaceship Narada suddenly arises from the storm and engages in combat. The crew of Narada revealed to be after Spock, and after failing to provide information about him Robau is executed. Aboard the Kelvin, Kirk orders everyone in the starship to evacuate; including his pregnant wife. Moments after, Kirk sacrifices himself by purposely colliding with Narada. His crew and wife managed to escapeand along with their son, James T. Kirk.
On Vulcan 17 years after the collision, Spock in his young years joins the Starfleet after being excluded in the Science Academy for having a human mother. Once on Earth, he meets Captain Pike and joins the Starfleet Academy following his suggestions. In the Academy, he meets Dr. McCoy (Leonard).
Kirk´s son James does the Kobayashi Maru test and passes it. Being the Kobayashi Maru an unbeatable scenario, Kirk admits to cheating. The training is then interrupted by an emergency signal from Vulcan; a space storm similar to the one 17 years before has appeared. Kirk quickly assimilates the event to the ones 17 years back and convinces Pike that it´s all a setup.


This 2009 sequel was quite a critical success. It received the highest score of all the Star Trek films on multiple review websites. This film brings back the popularity of the franchise, from both veteran Trekkers and new audiences.
This film brings us some flashbacks from the original classic full of action, humor, and an interesting plot. Star Trek received multiple positive critics and 5 star ratings, with some very productive comments from magazines and social media. The film definitely hits the nostalgia button hidden within Trekkers, and brings new interstellar action to fresh audiences.

scene from star trek 2009We got to see our favorite characters brought back to life with new faces. A young Spock and an auspicious Kirk work together in the Enterprise along with Captain Pike. This 2009 prequel features a lot of intense action in multiple occasions; we got to see the Kelvin and the Enterprise in battle. We met some new characters and we lost some others, this film brings a lot of nostalgia followed by new twists in this new plot.
Star Trek (2009) resulted as a great hit. With a $150 million budget and a $380 million worldwide gross, the prequel managed to profit a solid $230 million profit.

Social Acceptance & Critics

The movie was praised by film critics and audiences, obtaining a 95% rating from RottenTomato and very high ratings in other magazines. It received very good comments through social media and gained a lot of attention from both Trekkers and new audiences.
The film had previously announced itself in public before its release. In April 2009, Paramount Pictures released a short public screening of the upcoming movie Star Trek, where they also featured some scenes from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Social media users also showed their excitement from watching the official trailer.

Star Trek beats  Transformers & G.I. in Sales

Star Trek achieved the most DVD & Blu-ray sales of 2009, beating the sequels Transformers and G.I. dvd cover star trek 2009Joe released the same year. The sales total reached 6.9 million copies sold, around 85% being DVDs and the remaining 15% being Blue-ray. The film managed to reach international interest, thing that had never happened before as foreign audiences have never shown much interest in Star Trek overall. Out of the total gross from this movie, 31% was generated by oversea sales. Fans seemed to be very excited about the release of the movie, attending to the premiere in costumes and cosplays. With the release of another movie, Star Trek merchandise had a significant increase in sales.
The modern reboot is the first of four so far; followed by Star Trek: Into Darkness (2013), Star Trek: Beyond (2016) and the upcoming release Star Trek: Discovery (2017).
Both critics and audiences seemed to enjoy the cast’s work. The combination between Chris Pine as Kirk and Zachary Quinto as Spock worked out perfectly.
Zachary assumed a solid role as a young Spock, and fits perfectly into the Vulcan half-human character. On the other side, Chris decided to give some new changes to his character. As said by himself, he wanted to display a “humorous, arrogant and decisive” Kirk.
Playing old Spock we had nothing less than Leonard Nimoy. As usual, his acting for the Spock character was impeccable and traditional. His role for this movie was in fact indispensable, as J. J. Abrahams expressed the importance he had in the movie. Quoting J. J. on a conversation with Leonard, “We cannot make this film without you and we won’t make it without you”. The cast overall did an excellent job, noticed by the audiences and critics.

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