November 20, 2016
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Best Sci Fi Movies To Watch Anytime

Verne, Asimov, Bradbury, Clarke, Heinlein… those are just some of the many names that prove humanity has always dreamed about space, and the film industry is […]
January 21, 2017

The Kind of Sci-Fi Movies 2016 – Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Far from flying free, the first self-conclusive adventure of the saga is completely subjected to generated ideas from four decades ago. The director Gareth Edwards came […]
November 12, 2016

Upcoming Science Fiction Movies in 2017

2016 hasn’t been the best year for Sci-fi, having some big fails like the long expected Ghost Busters and only Star Trek: Beyond as the big […]
November 4, 2016
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An Old Time Classics Brought Back: Star Trek (2009)

We’ve seen the best from Star Trek since its release in 1966. Star Trek veterans had the opportunity to see their favorite TV series reborn as […]
October 25, 2016
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R2-D2: Is It Back?

In 2009’s Star Trek, J. J. Abrams brought back to life many memories and characters. There was a lot of controversy on social media regarding this […]
October 14, 2016

Star Wars VS Star Trek

The sci-fi lovers have always been debating whether Star Wars is better than Star Trek or is it the other way around. This is a never […]