R2-D2: Is It Back?

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October 14, 2016
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November 4, 2016

R2-D2: Is It Back?

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In 2009’s Star Trek, J. J. Abrams brought back to life many memories and characters. There was a lot of controversy on social media regarding this reboot. A lot of pressure and criticism were placed on Abrams during the first days of the movie. Some audiences thought it was awesome, and some Trekkies thought it was garbage.

We got to see our favorite characters played by new faces, and we managed to see our old hero from the classic days, Leonard Nimoy. Star Trek (2009) received magnificent reviews, the best of the franchise so far in fact. However, some audiences described the film as a ¨replica of Star Wars¨.

¨How come?¨ Well, apparently some ‘Trekkies’ didn’t feel that much nostalgia with the new plot. Stating that the new cast doesn´t fit the characters properly, certain audiences disliked the free movie and the amount of actions in it. Some arguments explained that the large amounts of actions and explosions leave no time for the real Star Trek story and the story of its characters.

Only Rumors? – No! R2-D2 Rebooted Indeed

However, irony was abundant after rumors started to circle social media. Apparently, hints were dropped regarding the appearance of Star Wars´ R2-D2 in the 2009 Star Trek film. It didn´t take long for the fans to find the scene and confirm the rumors; R2-D2 had indeed appeared in the movie.
In a scene inside the enterprise during the drilling sequence in the middle of a starship battle above Vulcan, you´ll be able to see R2-D2 floating in space above Kirk´s shoulder when he stands in front of the Enterprise´s view screen.  Sadly, the special effects department confirmed that the thing floating in space amongst the debris wasn´t R2-D2.

R2-D2 Is Alive on Social Media

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Fans were disappointed and suspicious at the same time, seeing as Abrams is a known Star Wars fan it wouldn´t be too crazy to see R2-D2 floating around a Star Trek film. After the mystery was over, many other supposed screenings of R2-D2 went through social media. There were similar scenes in which something looking like R2-D2 drives a fork-lift at the background of the shot.
Fans and film magazines have dropped questions on Abrams about the topic, but nothing is official to this moment. An additional scene can be seen of the Enterprise, where R2-D2 is supposedly seen on top of the USS Enterprise- perhaps driving it¬?

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