Star Wars VS Star Trek

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October 25, 2016

Star Wars VS Star Trek

The sci-fi lovers have always been debating whether Star Wars is better than Star Trek or is it the other way around. This is a never ending debate. Some fans appreciate both while others have openly declared their hatred for either one of them. The significant feature of both Star Wars and Star Trek is the exceptional technology portrayed in these.

leonard-nimoy-393861_640If we look at the history, Star Trek came around in 1966 as a live action TV series which lasted for 3 years. Many novels, comics and other kinds of publications followed for the upcoming years. Whereas, Star Wars was released as a novel in 1976 but gained popularity after a year when it was released as a feature film in 1977.

Both Star Wars and Star Trek have been produced on different kinds of media including various kinds of publications but their debuts are different. Star Wars is a cinematic feature film series while Star Trek is a live-action TV series.

Star Wars belongs to the sub-genre of science fiction called space opera which highlights intergalactic encounters and space wars. It describes a galactic civilization which is in a state of continuous conflict most of the time with little periods of peace. Star wars is set in the ancient times in a far off galaxy but the characters in the movie exhibit human traits.

On the other hand, if we talk about Star Trek, the main focus is the fictional portrayal of space exploration and a system of galactic society consisting of many planets and many different types of species. Unlike Star Wars, Star Trek occurs in the distant future, not the past, with occasional time travel between the 22nd and 24th centuries.

According to some sci-fi critics, the two series have a “symbiotic relationship”. They believe that “Star Wars created Star Trek” and clarify this theory by stating that Paramount management was struggling to come up with something that would compete with the new Star wars film and it was then that Star Trek came to their minds.

Alternatively, there are some critics which say that Star Wars was disappearing in the shadows when Star Trek was launched. It was due to the launch of Star Trek that the fan base was “softened up”.

The debate is however never ending but the fandoms of both sides acknowledge the fact that they have supported each other in their conventions and with references to one used in the other series. It is believed that both of the franchises are set to grow in the upcoming future and will be a source of entertainment for all the sci-fi fanatics in the years to come.


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